Expectations for how we should live our lives are largely influenced by globalisation, technological advancements and economics. In this fast-paced and rapidly changing world, it is easy to lose sight of what really matters. The need for individual reflection and time to slow down to focus on general health and wellbeing is more critical than ever.

Pillars & Stone coaches parents to rediscover and prioritise what is truly important to them to ensure personal wellness into the 21st century. We believe that parents are the pillars and cornerstone of the family and we are committed to helping them live the lives they aspire to. In doing so, we believe, positively impacts the broader community for the future.

While health and wellness is at the core, the journey starts with individual self exploration, identifying and evolving in order to achieve goals and fulfil dreams.

We believe in wholeness

Together, we will work across seven areas of influence which we believe impacts every part of your being and doing. Our three core pillars - Explore. Identify. Evolve. - are our guiding principles and form the foundation of our journey.  Leveraging mindfulness, a strength-based approach and values based living techniques, we will guide and support you in taking steps toward wholeness and the life you want to live.  

The 7 areas of influence are;  

Mind – encourage space & clarity

Body - mindful movement & nourishment

Heart - connecting with emotion

Spirit – positivity to elevate your soul

Lifestyle – living with intention 

Environment - surrounding yourself with positive people & places that inspire you

Business - the ability to succeed & innovate


Our belief is that parents are the pillars and cornerstone of the family and our communities. We also believe 'it takes a village to raise a child' and with the development of the modern world the village has become harder to find. Today, many parents go it alone, raising children in apartments and homes around the world, often in isolation. Our retreats serve to re-ignite this important community space for parents, creating a sense of belonging, connection and support for the many challenges parenthood brings. 

For our purpose to be truly realized we must support and empower those communities with parents and children who are most in need.

Pillars & Stone sponsors one parent and child each year, to participate in our retreats. We believe the value and benefit of this experience will extend well beyond the individual and child to be realised in their community.