To explore, identify and evolve takes action. It doesn’t just happen. Living the life you want to live, requires you to take a single step forward towards positive change. 


Whether you’re looking for a coach to support you in thinking through an important issue or focus on creating a strategy for life, career or business transformation, Pillars & Stone provides bespoke coaching to support your aspirational needs.    

That might mean, one time coaching, or multiple sessions to ensure you achieve the results you aspire to achieve. Regardless, Pillars & Stone will hold you to your vision and support you to achieve your goals.  

Register with Elly Stone for a complimentary 30 minute “getting to know you” session or take action and purchase coaching hours below.


    Pillars & Stone offer annual Parent and Child Retreats designed to provide respite, rejuvenation and wellbeing life-strategy coaching. It is a unique opportunity to slow down, reflect and re-connect with yourself and your child and re-focus on your dreams and aspirations.

    Through mindfulness, a strength-based approach and values-based living our retreats bring together a memorable experience. An environment that will elevate your soul, beautiful and comfortable surroundings, loving nannies to ensure you get the rest you need, mindful movement to strengthen your body and clear the mind and delicious food to nourish you and your child. 

    Our next six night Parent and Child Retreat is scheduled for 22nd - 28th September, 2018, in Bali, Indonesia.  

    Prices will vary depending on room selection but will range between AUD$2,500 - $3,200 for one parent and one child.

    To illustrate your interest, please get in touch or book now.