Guided by our three core pillars Explore. Identify. Evolve. we focus on the whole person (mind, body, heart, spirit, lifestyle, environment & business) to support life transitions for parents.

Aligning personal core values to goals and aspirations we empower and inspire you to take action toward positive change and greater wellbeing and happiness.   

There are many reasons why clients choose coaching. It may be due to a career transition or striving toward a new business venture. Perhaps it is simply the desire to better connect with yourself, a feeling of needing more or just wanting to reach your full potential. Whatever the reason, top athletes, entrepreneurs and professionals use a coach to achieve optimum performance and you too, can reap the rewards.

Whatever your personal purpose, Pillars & Stone will support you to be the best you can be in the pursuit of your dreams. We will hold you accountable to your vision and challenge and inspire you to live the life you want. 


Career management and transitions, leadership development, life coaching, executive coaching, business coaching and planning, personal and corporate wellness. Leveraging mindfulness, values-based living and design thinking techniques to support positive change.